Do you have a distressed or unwanted home you need to get off your books quickly? Are you curious about getting a cash offer in a quick sale, instead of waiting out the traditional real estate process? We’re passionate property investors at Cash Offer Options, and in today’s blog, we’re going to break down four of the most common myths about selling your house fast for cash!

#1: It’s Illegal

Cash offers for your home are perfectly legal! Quick sales may be less traditional than the conventional real estate process, but property investors like us have just as much of a right to make an offer on your house as any buyer on the market.

#2: It’s A Scam

Given that large cash deals are often made by villains and mobsters in movies and TV shows, it makes sense why cash offers can seem like a scam to some homeowners — but don’t let Hollywood fool you. Most cash home buyers are simply property investors looking to take a chance on your property. The best cash home buyers, like Cash Offer Options, will be able to offer you referrals from satisfied customers and other information to prove their value.

#3: Cash Buyers Only Buy Homes In Great Condition

The best thing about quick sale home buyers like us is that we buy properties in any condition! Yes, the cost of any repairs the property needs will be factored into the cash offer you receive, but in general, cash home buyers are undeterred by houses that need a little fixing up.

#4: Cash Offers Are Too Good To Be True

The prospect of receiving cash for your home seems like a classic case where there must be a catch, but there’s really not! While it’s true that the cash offer you receive is unlikely to be market value, you also save money by avoiding all the expensive costs of selling your home through the real estate market. Cash Offer Options covers closing costs and other sale processing fees for you so you can walk away with the most cash possible. It’s really that simple!

If you have a property in the Los Angeles area that you need to get off your books quickly, call Cash Offer Options and get a consultation and cash offer for your home today!