Quick- Sale Services From Cash Offer Options 

At Cash Offer Options, we understand your problem: you need to sell your home, fast! We’ve been buying homes in the Los Angeles area for years, and we know just how stressful dealing with an unwanted or financially distressed property can be. You need to get rid of your house quickly to avoid costly taxes or foreclosure, but the traditional real estate process takes forever, costing you the time and hassle of endless house showings and sorting through offers, and costing you extra money through the commissions, closing costs, and other ridiculous fees that real estate agents charge. 

We’re tired of the traditional real estate process, and we think you should be, too. Instead of losing time and money to an unnecessary middleman, why not sell your home to us, for cash? We pride ourselves on being one of the top cash home buyers in Los Angeles, with same-day cash offers that we guarantee to be the highest of any cash home buyer in the area, and a quick sale process on your schedule. With us, you can close on your house with cash in hand in as few as five business days. Best yet, we pay cash for houses in any condition, so you don’t need to worry about making the repairs or renovations to your property that a realtor would hound you to do. 

Using our quick sale process, we’re able to serve as your efficient property investor and buyer, getting you the money you need for your house now and circumventing all the time wasting, costs, and hassle of the traditional real estate process. But how does our quick sale process work?


Our Quick Sale Process

We believe in an efficient, people-centered approach to property investment. Our quick sale process involves just three simple steps to be free from your unwanted or distressed property with cash in hand!


  • Schedule a consultation. We’ll visit your property at a time that fits your schedule and assess the current state of your house. Our cash home buyer agents will have a conversation with you to get to know you, understand your reasons for selling, and discuss your options. There’s no need to stress prior to our visit; this is a completely free consultation with no obligation for you to sell your home to us on the spot. We understand that decisions involving your home can take some thought, though we’re confident you’ll like what we have to offer you. 
  • Get a cash offer. We offer you cash for your property, and it is ultimately up to you whether to accept our offer or explore other options on your own. When you accept our cash offer, you’re selling directly to us, cutting out the real estate middleman, and avoiding expensive realtor commission, closing costs, and other fees. 
  • Get cash for your home. We can close on your house as quickly or slowly as your timeline requires, in as few as five business days if need be. At the end of everything, you’ll have cash in hand and the responsibility of your unwanted or distressed property off your plate. 


Our quick sale process is fast, efficient, and swaps your headache of a home for cash that you can use to move on with your life. We’re a customer-first cash home buyer that believes in helping you reach quick, satisfying solutions for selling your home fast. Since 2015, we’ve been helping homeowners around Los Angeles County keep their home sale process quick, stressless, realtor-free, and enjoyable. Contact our Cash Offer Options team to get an offer on your property today!


Communities We Serve

  • Los Angeles County
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Long Beach
  • Kern County


Advantages Of Cash Offer Quick Sales

Because the traditional real estate sale process is so common, many homeowners haven’t considered that there are other, better ways to sell their home. Accepting a cash offer for your home as opposed to listing it on the real estate market or working with an agency is becoming an increasingly popular way to sell one’s home, as it provides a number of benefits that the real estate sale process simply can’t offer. Many people with unwanted or distressed homes turn to the cash offer quick sales offered by Cash Offer Options and other cash home buyers because it saves them time, money, and hassle they can’t afford to spend on the real estate market. At Cash Offer Options, we buy ugly houses in any condition throughout Los Angeles County! We’ve become known as one of the top cash home buyers in Los Angeles because of our free consultations, same-day cash offers, flexible closings, and our guarantee to offer the most cash of any cash home buyer. Below are a few reasons why selling your house to us for cash is your best bet!


Simple, Quick Sale Process

Selling your home to a cash home buyer like Cash Offer Options is a great solution if your house is financially distressed and you need to get out of it quickly, or if you no longer want your property and either cannot or do not want to pay costly property taxes on it anymore. This is most often the case with inherited properties or homes that need a lot of work before they can hope to sell on the market. 

At Cash Offer Options, our quick sale process can get you a cash offer within a day and close on your schedule, in as soon as five  days! Whether you’re moving, you’ve lost your job, or you need to divest from an inherited property, we can help you move on quickly with cash in hand. 


Avoid The Time And Cost Of A Real Estate Sale

If you’ve ever hired a real estate agent to help you sell a home before, you know how stressful and time-consuming the process can be, from settling on an asking price and keeping your house pristine for open houses to mountains of paperwork and waiting for the market to deliver you a satisfactory offer. That doesn’t even begin to factor in the money you’ll likely have to spend making repairs and renovations to your property and paying expensive real estate commissions and closing costs. All of this time and money is just not worth spending on inherited and distressed houses. Keep in mind that you’re trying to get rid of your house as quickly as possible, not wait out the real estate market for your ideal sale price. At Cash Offer Options, we pay cash for houses and eliminate the time and cost of the real estate middleman! 


Avoid Costly Repairs And Refurbishment

When you accept a cash offer from Cash Offer Options, you get to sell your house as-is — a luxury that is uncommon in the real estate market. Everything a real estate agency would require you to do to get your house “market ready,” like cleaning, renovations, and landscaping, are hassles we would never ask of you. We know owners of distressed and inherited properties are just trying to move on quickly and minimize financial risk, which is why we pay cash for houses as-is and figure out the rest ourselves. We’re not worried about commissions like real estate agents are, but are invested in your best interest alone. 


No Disruptions For Tenants

If the property you’re seeking to get rid of is rented to subletters, neither you or they will have to worry about selling your house to Cash Offer Options. Unlike other cash home buyers, we pay cash for houses with tenants left in place!


How Is Your Home’s Value Calculated?

Whether you’re selling your home to a cash offer home buyer like Cash Offer Options or trusting a real estate agency or professional appraiser to valuate your property, chances are you’re unfamiliar with the factors that the professionals look at when determining the potential value of your home. While some factors, like the condition of your home, may seem obvious on the surface, there are actually quite a few things our cash home buyer agents and other professionals look at when studying your home, be it for a cash offer or a real estate listing. Below, you’ll find a high-level list of the key factors Cash Offer Options looks at when paying cash for houses. 


Property Condition And Age

The condition and age of your property may be the most obvious factor in determining the value of your property, but evaluating your property for this factor goes a little bit beyond simple numbers and paint jobs. 

When evaluating the condition of your home, professionals will look at external characteristics like the size of your property, its “curb appeal”, the general condition of your home’s exterior, your home’s architectural style and its popularity, and the quality of basic essentials like your water and sewage systems, sidewalks, and paved roads. 

They’ll also be sure to make a note of its location and its proximity to important and desirable locations, like school districts, cultural centers, or anything else prospective buyers might see as a positive. For example, if your house is zoned within a highly-rated school district and the home of a neighbor a few blocks down is not, you’re likely to receive a higher cash offer for your home than they would. 

They’ll also look at internal characteristics like the size of your home, the size and number of rooms, the quality of your home’s construction, any amenities like pools, kitchen islands, and the like, and other details that demonstrate “pride of ownership” of your home. 


Condition And Age Of Infrastructure And Appliances

Professional valuation of your property will dig a little bit deeper than the basics of your interior. To get as accurate an appraisal of your home as possible, professionals will also look into the quality and condition of your appliances, and crucial infrastructure like your HVAC system. They’ll look at the age and condition of your appliances and note things like the type of heating in your home, the energy efficiency of your home and its appliances, and any potential risks for water or air leaks. 


Market Conditions

Depending on when you’re trying to get rid of your home, this factor could work in or against your favor for the best cash offer. Like any industry, housing is subject to supply and demand, and market conditions will play a fairly significant role in professionals’ valuation of your home. If you’re sitting on an inherited or distressed property and have been debating if now is the right time to sell your house for cash, know that it’s best to pull the trigger when market conditions are good and the economy is in an upswing. 


Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Another tool professionals will use to evaluate your home when making you a cash offer or preparing to list your home on the real estate market is a comparative market analysis, or CMA. This type of analysis appraises the value of your home relative to comparable properties and recent home sales in your area. 

This type of evaluation of your home is one that is difficult for homeowners to do independently, as they often don’t have the same resources and experience as professionals. However, the Federal Housing Financing Agency offers a digital House Price Index calculator that uses a database of millions of mortgage transactions to evaluate your home’s comparable value. It’s free to use and can give you a general idea of your home’s value. 

No matter the methods used to appraise the value of your home, when you receive a cash offer for your property from Cash Offer Options, we guarantee it to be the highest offer of any cash home buyer in Los Angeles. If it’s not, we’ll outbid them — simple as that. We pay cash for houses so you can move on with your life and have the immediate financial power to move on with your life and away from your unwanted property. Contact us today to get your own offer!